MUSIC is more than just sound. It’s visual, it’s tactile; it’s metaphysical.

In Person Lesson – weekly 45 minutes each, set time

In Person Coaching – as needed, by appointment, by the hour

Online Lesson, either weekly sessions or by appointment.

Music lessons for the whole person

Kristin will draw out the artist, the communicator, the healer and the preacher in you, not just the beautiful musician you were born to be. Spend time with a mentor who understand what it is to deliver a song in a way that moves the audience. Lessons are intense but joyful times of discovery together. Each lesson brings something new– a challenge, a nugget of wisdom, a celebration, a new goal to reach for. She’s been doing this a LONG time, and some things – the most important things- don’t change. People still need to be moved by the music.

Bring your mind and your teachable spirit, and we’ll get you there.

Study Areas:



Performance Coaching, Any Instrument or Discipline

Guitar for Singers – Beginner/Intermediate

Music Theory


Kristin Morris
Private Music Teacher

I’m a singer/songwriter/musician in Indianapolis with over 40 years professional singing experience along with as many years accompanying myself, my students, and playing keys in the church band, etc. I love leading worship for retreats and using my guitar to accompany my singing for weddings, funerals and any other event, so I’ve racked up experience with that instrument as well. A band girl back in the high school days, I love all instruments and have enough knowledge and experience to coach performance technique no matter what you’re playing and preparing for. Come see me to get help with contest auditions, concert prep, performance practice. Come see me if you’ve always longed to make music but don’t know where to start or you’re needing to polish your portfolio for Broadway – or anything in between! I can help you be the best you were created to be!

I live and teach out of my southside Indianapolis home, with a private studio in the rear of the house for recording and a beautiful digital grand in the front room for working on performance technique. I can also come to you for an extra fee, or we can meet online. I do Second Saturday monthly soirees in my home from 7-10 – come on by!